Company Profile



 Shanghai PEENTECH Equipment Technology Co. Ltd. services in the Domestic/ International shot peening / wheel blasting machine market.
   Our PEENTECH team has composed of technical experts who had worked for many years at the world's leading surface treatment group.We have leading technology and innovative spirit. We fully understand the needs of customers, so we can provide our most economical and reliable shot peening / wheel blasting equipment for middle class market.
   PEENTECH currently has two factories in Shanghai. No.1 factory covers an area of 2000 square meters and is mainly used for production of the core components. No.2 factory covers an area of 3000 square meters and is mainly used for assembly and also the location of management department and process technology laboratory.
   PEENTCH expects to design and provide the shot peening / wheel blasting equipments with global leading ideas, fairly practical and reasonable cost for the majority of domestic/International customers.

  Peentech company has two factories in Shanghai, one factory as technology center with 2000 square meters located in Jiading Waigang  twon,as well as the other assembly plant(3000 square meters) 5 km nearby.

    Company now has more than 70 employees,college education rate over 90%。



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